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How do I create MariaDB database?

Last Updated 11 months ago

In order to create a MariaDB database you must first login to Virtualmin and follow these steps:

Select the "Edit Databases" option (you can use the search in the top left to find the option quickly)

Under "Create New Database" there is a text box to put your database name. Put in the name you would like and click "Create Database"

After you add the database you now must create a user and assign it to that database. To do this scroll down on the page and you will see an area to create a user. Enter the username and password you want and click "Create User"

Now you must assign the user to your database. Further down on the page there is a section called "Databases" - it will list your database and user you just created. Make sure the two dropdown boxes match the correlate to the database and user you just created and then click "Add"

You will be prompted with a screen asking for which permissions you want to grant the user. If you're not sure simply click "All Privileges" and click the submit button.

You can now use your database by supplying your script with the appropriate database and username.


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